Western windows

Western Windows

Western windows
Okanagan’s Dealer of Western Windows

A Window Store and More is Okanagans proud dealer of Western Window Products.

Western Windows produce beautiful energy efficient glass walls that don’t just look stunning and create unusual home structures but are better for the environment and retain energy within the home.

Rick Slater, a builder and home designer as well as a Western systems dealer, built a house in Las Vegas, California that display the products in a finished and furnished environment.

The house itself contains something of everything that Western produces. But the glass walls particularly stand out and make this house what it is. And it acts as a showroom where customers can see what the products will look like in their own home, and can operate the products themselves.

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How do they work

The glass walls are essentially huge windows that act like a door, which slide, close and lock.

The size of the doors and the way they operate, never fails to amaze people when they come to visit the house.

And in particular architects find the product unique for the way the window can be integrated into a sliding door. But also, how the window can be fixed into a swinging door.

All the profiles are of the same width and the windows can interlock into each other making the product incredibly versatile.

Unique features

One of things Salter said Western did in the house that is quite unique to other home features is that they took a bi-folding door system and placed it on top of a bar.

They also put a sliding door into it, providing it with the ability to open both of those elements, leaving the bar on its own.

Salter in his own words says:

“People find its very refreshing to be able to open a glass wall. To be able to go on to a deck and enjoy their drink in the open air.

“Just an overall feeling that you can take a wall and open it and the outside becomes part of the inside.”

Energy efficient

The Western product uses a thermally broken frame utilising the best low-e glass, the only way you can achieve the values necessary to meet the new energy codes.

Salter believes there is no other product on the market doing what Western has done.