Summer is exactly the season to admire whatever it is you have going on outside – a primed backyard, kids playing out on the street, or maybe you have an epic view of the Lake. First, however, you need to wipe away the residue left from the murkier elements of Autumn, Winter and unpredictable Spring.

Snow, wet weather and wind bring with them grimy remains that leave your glass windows and doors less to be desired. Even sunlight can damage your glass windows and as replacing them can be an investment, you’ll want to learn how to maintain them for as long as possible. The damage can go beyond your glass too, and wooden frames might need a bit of care.

If you’re looking to upgrade your windows, A Window Store & More can offer some advice, call in to the store or give us a ring for a consultation so we can help you choose windows that are convenient to maintain and care for.

Vinyl frames for instance are a great deal more easy to maintain than wooden frames for instance.

Once you’re happy with your windows, here are a few tips to help keep them showroom shiny.

Bi-annual Deep Clean

Vinyl frames are made of the tough stuff but a deep cleanse to care for them twice a year will keep them in top shape for longer. Choose a couple of periods in the year when these windows might benefit from a clean. After a storm is a good time to clean up as there may be debris collected around your windows, which would be much easier to clear up straight away.

Use a Vacuum for Small Debris

Your vacuum cleaner should have a smaller soft brush attachment, which you could use to suck up awkward dirt and accumulated dust from window sills, from around the frames and in between the tracks. Clear them up to keep your windows operating smoothly. Don’t forget to take any debris out of the weep holes – the small drainage holes you’ll find at the bottom of your frames.

Select a Gentle Cleaning Product

Anything too abrasive could damage the materials on your windows, so choose a gentle detergent, soap and water with sponge is perfectly fine to clean your windows with. You could even choose a washing-up detergent as the material is just as delicate.

A glass cleaner or vinyl window cleaner will be fine too as these will be especially tailored to the material and made to minimise damage.

Removing Streaks

After you’ve washed down your windows, you’ll want to dry them to make sure they don’t leave unsightly streaks. A microfibre cloth will work best.

Quick circular motions should work best working in one direction and then the other.

Keep Your Windows Lubricated

Outside of the actual glass and frames, you need to take care of the parts that do the work. Lubricating the moving parts will ensure the smooth opening and closing of your windows and doors. You can use any non-detergent based lubricating oil for this.

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