The advantages for getting new windows are aplenty – to lessen the draft, increase energy efficiency, create easy in cleaning and increase the value for your home. The list goes on.

Despite this pro list there are still some considerations before going ahead and calling the professionals to replace the old and bring in the new.

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1. Safety

Is safety a consideration? If so, consider how safe the window options you’re looking at are. The floor to ceiling, single hung options have obvious safety hazards, particularly where small children are crawling around. Double hung windows may be a better option here, so you can ensure ventilation while also making them secure.

Break-ins are another factor to consider. In which case you’ll need a secure locking mechanism on your window and tempered glass for floor to ceiling windows, worth pondering if your old windows are outdated.

2. Frames

It’s not just the glass you’re replacing but the frames as well and with that comes some choice, and each choice, pros and cons.

For instance, wooden frames can be aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient but require some maintenance to ensure they last. These are probably the most expensive types of frame. Fiberglass frames are thin and energy efficient but also expensive and can deteriorate over time. Fibrex frames also carry the advantage of being thin, while the material doesn’t expand or contract with temperature, it is energy efficient and also durable. They are also within the upper price bracket. Metal or aluminum frames on the other hand are not expensive and also energy efficient but the relatively weaker material means that you’ll end up with a wider frame.

3. Sound Foundations

Cracks in the windows may be a sign it’s time to replace your windows but it might also be a sign that your foundations aren’t stable. If your windows don’t close properly that’s another sign. So, before getting replacement windows it might be worth saving yourself some money and headache in the future by first getting your foundation inspected.

4. Your environment

Replacing your windows presents a whole new opportunity to as well take into account your natural environment, taking account where the sunsets or rises, may be useful when you have a window space in your dining room that can face the sun and same for the bedroom etc.

Also do you have natural cooling features around the home i.e. big formations that block the sun, which in summer could help reduce air conditioning costs. Otherwise energy efficient windows are worth a thought.

5. Energy saving criteria

When you choose energy efficient windows think about what criteria are giving them its rating and if those criteria will be important to consider in your own home.

Condensation resistance, air leakage, visible transmittance (natural sunlight they allow in) and solar heat gain coefficient are all important criteria.

6. Insulation

Insulation isn’t only relevant to the walls in your house, your house will be an energy efficient machine by installing insulated glass in your windows. It will reduce the amount of UV rays that enter the room and can protect your furniture from sun fading and sound pollution.

Window replacement is not something you want to do every few years, so do your due diligence and find a reputable company. Give our staff a call at A Window Store & More for more details.