Sustainability in the home is a big theme for existing and would-be homeowners, especially with the rapid increase issue of climate change. Considering that our homes are responsible for a large proportion of greenhouse gas emissions and in turn climate change, green environmentally-friendly measures need earnest attention.

Windows are one source of energy use, which is why many people are considering more energy-efficient options to replace their old one’s windows. In particular, when we are going into the fall, as the weather gets cooler, households will be thinking about turning up the dial on their heating.

Going down this route might also qualify you for a tax credit, and it’s worth checking whether you are eligible for any of the energy-efficiency programmes out there.

Installing new windows, however, can save you money in other ways, i.e. energy bills, mainly if you’ve been living with drafty windows.

People will go to some efforts to stop the draft coming in and from heat escaping their home, like putting up plastic sheets to cover the windows. If you’re a proud homeowner then needless to say this is unsightliness is unfavourable. So, think of replacement windows as an investment rather than a cost.

Expect your energy bills to drop by as much as $25-50 per month. You can go even further by installing replacement doors as well.

However, replacement windows will work best if you take a few other measures to ‘green’ your home such as filling air leaks or insulating the attic. One of the biggest energy drainers is also found in walls, hollowed out or with hidden holes.

That said, vinyl windows go a long way in increasing the overall efficiency of your home. Then going into the future, consider that the value of your home will be higher having replaced your windows with more energy efficient vinyl windows instead.

Check the energy star ratings. In addition to the U-rating and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) are also important. In the former case it measures heat loss, and in the latter, it measures how well the window is blocking heat from the sun. In both cases, low ratings indicate more efficiency and will be helpful in claiming rebates on tax.

A professional window replacement company can help you choose your replacement windows, and A Window Store & More has consultants at the ready to provide advice.