If you’re getting your windows replaced, one of the things you may be considering is whether to go for single hung or double hung windows.


Well, to break it down, a single hung window has a vertically moving sash at the bottom of the window. The sash at the top is fixed. Double hung windows are those that you can move at both ends – so it can be open up and down. You can also tilt the windows inwards, which you might want to do if you do clean your own windows.

That’s where double hung widows have the upper hand in fact as cleaning windows is a chore and quite difficult to get right. Virtually no-one wants to get on a ladder to brave an attempt at a perfect cleaning session. Then professional window cleaning services becomes an additional cost.

Another area where double hung windows scores against single hung windows is the ability to provide better ventilation. Or rather more customized ventilation options. This is because you can open the window slightly at the top, which protects you on the inside from the elements – if it is raining or particularly windy for instance.

Thirdly, double hung windows have been thought to be a slightly safer type of window particularly if you have small children. With a double hung window you can open the top and not fear for your little ones or pets to venture too close to the window.

There are still reasons to opt for a single hung window however. For instance, they cost somewhat less than double hung windows.

Secondly, it may be a more space efficient option, if you only have space in your home for a single hung window.

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