How to get creative when replacing your windows

If you’re going to the trouble of replacing your windows, you could get a little more creative.

Replacing your windows could be the best time to explore options for replacement glass that are a little more decorative, a little more designer or just add a tinge of privacy.

Why get decorative glass to fill in your replacement windows

As well as adding a unique touch to your home, decorative glass allows light through while adding privacy, keeping those on the outside just looking at the outside of your window, rather than peering in.

There are various looks you could go for, frosted, stained, a rain effect, patterned… Contact A Window Store or More about using decorative glass when they install your windows.

You may prefer safety glass

Safety glass is what is says on the package, safe. It is more resistant to shocks. And in contrast to normal glass, which can break into dangerous jagged shards, safety glass or rather ‘tempered glass’ will break into round and even pieces and therefore less likely to cause injuries.

Grills aren’t just for the jailhouse

A fairly novel idea, installing window grids/grills gives the appearance of many connected pieces of glass without compromising the stability of the window.

You can really get creative and use different colors and designs.

Where to install your custom glass

Privacy glass is perfect for discrete places such as ground floor bathrooms, bedrooms or any other room you’d like privacy.

Safety glass is good to use near places where you risk experiencing an impact. The backyard where children are playing or in the bathroom near wet areas where a fall might happen.

Use decorative glass where you’d like to make an statement. The dining room or a larger entertainment room perhaps.

You don’t have to settle for the norm. A Window Store and More can help you create a stunning and unique look for your home.