Thinking about a sliding glass door? Here’s why you definitely should.

For anyone looking to modernize and give their home a contemporary touch, a sliding glass door can make an instant impact.

But as well as their clear aesthetic appeal, a sliding window has a number of other benefits.

They are spatially efficient

With doors, there’s a bit more to think about in terms of how you set up your room. A door (or window) that opens outward or inward means you have to think about how it might obstruct walkways or get in the way of other furniture. Sliding open a door means it doesn’t interfere with the rest of your space.

They are versatile

While you’re guaranteed ventilation running from the top to bottom of your room with a sliding door, you can choose how to direct air coming in horizontally. You can open the door from the left or right or even at both ends if desired.

You receive optimum light

Sliding glass doors from A Window Store and More, come in various styles including doors with full glass. That means you get optimum light coming through making your room instantly brighter. It’s also much more energy efficient.

They come in varied designs

While generally offering a contemporary feel, you can still choose a style that will mesh with the design of your home. That includes if your property is a more traditional build. You can also choose the style according to the functionality you want from it.

A Window Store and More stocks Weiland Sliding doors who workwith award-winning architects to provide door installation and door replacement most appropriate for your home.


A sliding door is probably the most reliable and easy to use there is. Operating on tracks, the opening is smooth and light and they are easy to clean both on their inside and outside.

Sliding doors are by far the best way to connect your interiors and exteriors and if you have a garden that you’re proud of, then a sliding door means you can admire it from indoors as well.

Browse some of the sliding doors on offer at A Window Store and More or speak to one of our in-house advisors and sales team.