Vinyl windows have been on the market since the 1960s. Today they make up around 60% of all window sales.

Vinyl windows are glass windows that use a PVC type material as its frame. They’re considered an energy-efficient option these days. So how exactly should you get the best from them? Here are a few things to look out for.

Double and triple glazing
Double and triple glazing refers to the number of panes of glass that make up the window. Having double or triple glazed windows, reduces noise levels for one but also conserves energy by trapping in more heat into your home. This keeps it insulated and gives you less reason to heat your home unnecessarily.

Always choose double or triple glazed vinyl windows.

Energy saving coating
As well as an energy saving option, it is possible to get glass coated in order to enhance its energy saving capabilities.

LowE-180 for instance reflects heat while allowing the light to seep through. This gives your home more insulation from both retaining heat and allowing the sun to come in.

You can also choose a window with LoE-i89 coating. This works in a s similar way to LowE-180 by reflecting heat back into the room and allowing in light.

Clean Glass
There is now something on the market called Neat® Clean Glass. This also uses the sun – this time the sun’s UV rays – to loosen dirt which can be rinsed away with water. This makes the window far easier to clean and will mean you will spend less time, energy and product to get the glass spotless.

Space filler
What some people do not realise is that double-glazed glass has something between the two panes that allows insulation to occur. Choose double or triple-glazed windows that use argon gas in between the glass. Argon gas replaces normal dehydrated air, which is slightly costlier but improves the energy rating of the window by about a third. There are other gases that can be used instead of argon, but argon is the most common.

The spacer, the hollow bar that separates the glass in double glazing, should also be filled with a gas like argon.

With these few features in mind, you will hopefully make the best out of your energy efficient vinyl windows.