Getting your windows squeaky clean isn’t for personal satisfaction alone. It can instantly boost your property’s curb appeal. But for an ultra-professional glean, don’t just wash and go, take in these gems of knowledge to ensure you maintain the kind of windows that belong in a show home.

1. Watch the weather

Watch what the weather is doing, or more importantly, watch the sun. When glass is caught in direct sun exposure, it becomes warm and soapy water will streak. Clean your windows in the shade.

2. It’s all about form

The best way to clean your windows is to start from the top then work downwards. Always start on the outside, which will help you catch any drops and splashes sneaking onto your inside panes.

3. Putting less elbow grease in

There’s no need to scrub hard even if your windows have gotten a little grubby. With a mixture of soap and water, dip in a soft sponge and soak the panes first. This will break down any stubborn pieces of dirt.

4. Wash with care

After soaking the windows, choose a cleaning product with a mild chemical formulation. Chemicals do actually deteriorate the quality of windows, so you could save them by being a little careful at this stage. Likewise use a sponge or cloth that isn’t too rough. Apply the product and clean.

5. It’s all in the application

The outside always gets a little grubbier than the inside, so save time by applying generous amounts from a container. Then clean off excess water and solution with a Squidgee. You may want to be a little more delicate inside and use a spray. For hard to reach areas, a toothbrush works well.

6. Does Newspaper really work

Newspaper has often been touted as a nifty way of cleaning glass. This is true to an extent. For one it doesn’t leave behind the tiny fibres that cloths often leave on the glass. Secondly, this is really only a hot tip if the newspaper is printed using a soy-basedink. Because otherwise you end up with black ink all over you.

7. Dry, dry, dry

If you don’t dry your windows, those unsightly watermarks start to form on the glass, and quite frankly you needn’t have bothered cleaning the windows in the first place. Drying straight after you give them a wash will keep them in optimum condition. (Dry one window before you start washing another one). 

8. Treat screens carefully

Some windows may have screens of wire mesh, fibreglass or a synthetic fibre. These can get dusty, so the best way to clean these is to remove them from the window and spray them with water. Let them air dry rather than drying them yourself, before putting them back. Replace them after you’ve finished with the windows.

9. How often should I wash my windows?

This is largely dependent on the weather and the area you live. If you live somewhere where the elements are particularly harsh, you may need to wash your windows more often than others – around three or four times each year.

10. Take care of your windows’ outer infrastructure

Glass doesn’t just sit there in mid-air, and good window-careinvolves looking after the frames and sealants as well. Apply protective coatings and repaint if necessary. Or be conscious of whether any of the materials around the glass are prone to shrinking, which will also affect the integrity of your windows.

Getting on top of your windows’ upkeep is well worth the effort. And it will make your property much more appealing for any future buyers who come to view it.