Window décor, whether it’s curtains, blinds or shades, isn’t just there to make your window look pretty, it can improve efficiency, reduce the need for artificial light and enhance your privacy.

But with so many varieties out there, which to choose? Just ask yourself these questions. What do I want my window adornments to do and what goes best with my room?

Here is a run-down of the décor ideas you need to know about.

When it comes to blinds you can go for either a classic look or a more updated version.

Cellular honeycomb shades add a modern touch to your home and diffuse light while providing insulation. You get privacy, light and a more energy efficient home – the hat trick. The fabrics of the shade are woven to create honey comb cells.

You can also try a roman shade, which is a shade made of one sheet of fabric and arranged in pleats. You can opt for the fabric and colors that complement your room and home. They are completely opaque so you get maximum privacy as well. A high tech version of these shades is one that’s operable remotely through your smart phone.

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If you are a traditionalist, a roller shade may be more the way you want to go. This can be a very affordable option as well and you can easily pair it with other options too, such as curtains. And it’s possible to filter light according to your preference.

Blinds work similarly to shades except they’re arranged in slacks, either horizontally or vertically.

Horizontal blinds are controlled with a cord and you can usually get these in various materials. While these are prone to gathering dust, they are easy enough to clean and are incredibly versatile, suiting most windows and homes. You can also control the height or elevate them completely.

Vertical blinds work similarly to horizontal blinds and are even easier to clean. These tend to be available in stiff fabrics, which means you can wipe them down. Operable with a cord, blinds tend to be an easy way to control the amount of natural light entering your home.

You can also now get integral blinds. That means the blinds are built into the window itself. These tend to have the benefits of horizontal blinds while being a lot easier to clean and less prone to damage. They also look sleek and are a great design option to consider.

Curtains are the perfect window adornment that adds notable decoration to the room.

If you’re going for aesthetics alone, a light weight curtain is quite easy and often cheap to add and you are bound to be able to find one that matches your room’s existing décor.

If you’re after privacy as well as aesthetics, get heavier drapes, which can be hung from floor to ceiling. They offer maximum privacy. It’s an either/or situation however, when it comes to light, as you block out the sun, as well as the view when you draw them and vice versa. You may therefore consider pairing with blinds. Vertical blinds with drapes here may work well.

You can go the additional length with curtains from the decorative point of view as well by choosing the right valance, ties or curtain rod.

Other options you may want to consider include window shutters, frosted glass or even window planters (not just for show, they can add an element of privacy too).

The choices are literally endless in the window décor field, but for maximum impact you need great looking windows that they complement. Browse the options for new and replacement windows at A Window Store and More.