People judge on first impressions. It’s human nature. This is no less true for a home buyer. They will walk up to your house and the first impression starts right before they step inside. So even if your home is a palatial sanctuary – the first impression starts outside. That’s your front door, the windows and even the lawn.

The stats all add up to a good return investment by investing in your Windows and Exterior Doors. Expect between an 81 and 85% return on what you spent on upgrading your window when you sell. And replacing your front and garage door could add $16,000 on a 2,500 sq ft home. Your realtor will advise you to do the same because they know that is what buyers want, so you may as well get a head start now.

Here are ten ways to boost your front of house and your home value.

1. Replace the door and windowsemotionheader
Door and Window Replacement will firstly make your home look more attractive, and thus make a great first impression. Sometimes you’ll get a buyer who can see the ‘potential’ in a property but more and more often buyers would like the job to be done for them already. Secondly, replacing windows and doors will make your house more energy efficient, particularly if you choose triple pane well insulated options. Showing you can help a potential buyer save on energy bills is a plus and could put the price up a few notches.

2. Upgrade in line with the style of your house
Remember if your house is period, it may not mesh aesthetically to a more modern upgrade. So, whatever you decide to replace ensure that the style matches up. Traditional matches traditional and contemporary with contemporary. It all adds to aesthetics and the appeal of the home that will make someone want to make a competitive offer.

3. Embellish
Further to creating your first impression, raise the bar and create some wow factor. A front door can be easily embellished with fancy door knockers, painted glass or metal bars. Or you can add more functional features like an intercom or lighting. Think about any other features around the door, make sure the plant next to the door still looks alive and the door mat is nice and tidy.

4. Emphasise beautiful features
Your outside view may already be taken care of if you take extra pride in your garden. Let the hard work now work for you and emphasise these beautiful features using a large window – framing your lawn like a picture. Or large floor to ceiling patio doors so you get the outside view from the inside. It will also add light and make your room look bigger and more open. And natural light is a key sales hook in home buying.

5. Upgrade your garage door
The garage door possibly gets left behind when upscaling occurs. But it’s not a hidden feature, it’s incredibly prominent – so get upgrading.

6. Spruce up the garden
The front yard (although the back yard shouldn’t be forgotten either) is the first thing buyers will see. Spruce it up with decorative water features or rockery. Even some flowers will make it look more appealing, it doesn’t have to be expensive landscaping. At a baseline, make sure the lawn is freshly trimmed and de-weeded.

7. Paint your doors
Colour can accentuate the features of your home, particularly if you pick the right one to highlight its character. Either replace the windows and Exterior Doors with coloured options or give them a fresh lick of paint.

8. Curtains and blinds
There’s nothing more unappealing than an outdated curtain fabric or discoloured netting peeking out from a window, which can be a real disservice to a well-kept house. When you’ve made so much effort on the rest of your home, don’t skip out on the small features. Choose up to date and good quality curtains, shades or blinds to complement your house and your windows. If you have exquisite windows, then you don’t even need the dressing. Overall, make sure your windows are looking as good as your house.

9. Don’t forget the window cleaning
It follows, to accentuate the beauty and the light in your home and windows, they should be sparkly clean. If you’ve taken care of the windows there won’t be implanted doubts about the rest of the property. It’s a simple and low-cost measure you need to take.

10. Consult with the Experts
Plenty of designer or architectural types consult on home upgrading and staging for a living. It could be worth consulting one to make sure you get the most out of your home sale. As you can see from the list, it’s sometimes the little things that will make all the difference.

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